The Last Man by the Window

There once was a time where we all gathered to eat, laugh, tell stories, and have stimulating conversation, but reality has gotten in the way of that.  Sometimes I feel like the captain watching from the bridge as his crew disembark the ship in its lifeboats as the sea slowly consumes his vessel, other times I feel like the man who comes home to find everyone has moved away.  It is difficult to feel good about change like this, but it is hardening to come to grips with the reality change imposes.  Perhaps I am the only one who saw the value of what we collectively had, but perhaps not; everyone has their way of hiding their grief.

I catch my self wondering if it were not for this place would we all be so close, logically I think not, for it is this place which molded us to whom we have come to enjoy, and tragically whom we might grow to long for.  True value is in community, it is the most valuable of commodities.  We kid ourselves by surrounding our lives with superfluous things which stand in for what we lack inside and for whom we lack inside.  A decade from now this place will be far in my past, but the place is clearly insignificant, the people who gathered there will be all that is left.

Sitcom at the Office – Money

This is dedicated to Lapre, possibly one of the most frugal spenders I know.

Lapre – So, I just got an email from HR here.

Zucker – Yeah…?

Lapre – Yeah.

Zucker – And?

Lapre – It looks like I’ll be here… continually.

Zucker – What you mean? You didn’t get the job?

Lapre – No, I didn’t get the job.

Zucker – Aww, man I’m sorry.

Lapre – Yeah, yeah. Twelve dollars on dry cleaning… a waste.

Zucker – Hahaha, I’m sorry man, but that’s funny.

Lapre – Yeah, I’ll drink twelve dollars of scotch tonight to celebrate.

Elliot – Isn’t that over your tolerance?

Zucker – What, you mean alcohol tolerance?

Lapre – No, like money tolerance.


SitCom at the Office

My office is a playground for situational comedy.

Chuck: You inspire me, Joe.

Alex: Chuck, what are you talking about?

Chuck: Come on, look at him!

We all look at Joe, sitting in the corner of the office eating lunch by the window.

Alex: It looks like he’s eating mustard off a paper plate with a plastic knife.

Joe laughs.

Joe: That’s exactly what I’m doing!

Chuck: And to top it off, he’s wearing black leather shoes with white socks on, not to mention that oversized dress shirt. Look at those sunglasses!

Black oakleys from the mid-to-late 90’s, gold reflective tint.

Joe: I’m reading “The Economist” too, learning how to start up an energy business.

Alex: Joe, you’re unreal. You’d need a billion dollars just to see that world move an inch.

Joe: Alright! Check this out…

Joe moves to his coat, and takes his wallet out.

Joe: You see this ten-dollar bill here? Multiply that by 100 million.

Joe neatly stuffs the bill back into his wallet.

Joe: What do you think about that?

Alex: I’m going to rob you after work today.

Everyone laughs.

Back to work…