Running and Community

I don’t really belong to any sort of “runners” community, but I do see regulars on their circuits. I call them by their distinguishable traits. Some are runners, some are just everyday people, like the “dog walker with long brown hair” or the “adorable Hispanic couple” or the “smoking barber” or the “mother with three kids.” The runners are more distinguishable by particular traits, like “Nike Shoes” or “Crew Cut” or Short Shorts” or “No Shirt.” Simple identifications exist for these regulars, and yet I don’t even know their names.

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The Encyclopedia to Nutrition

I visited this site at work, and it has been my grail to understanding healthy habits in life, diet, fitness, and overall wellbeing. I strong recommend it to anyone interested in taking control of their health, like a bull by the horns!

Sections include (but are not limited to):

Calories Burned during Exercise

Low Calorie Cooking

Weight Training Exercises

Costs of Obesity

Full of detail, this site will illuminate your understanding of personal health.