Defining Traits

Defining Traits help you                                             Feel better than how you really look,
desire something that isn’t useful,                                  so you can see what’s good in life.

Defining Traits limit creativity,                                           But show everyone what’s real,
and describe everything that is tangible,                                        so you know what is not.

Something isn’t everything but                                               You don’t have to know that-
Everything is something with                                   extra smidgens of detail that are called

Defining Traits.                                                                                            Defining Traits.

Understand?                                                                                                                    See?

Think about it.



Sorry, we’re Closed

Sorry, we’re closed
our voice is heard, angry, closed.
We’re closed to opportunity, running
freely on a track.
Why are you so upset?
Nothing changes standing on your head.
You might as well increase your dexterity
before we open up again.
Think about the better days,
peaceful, lightly windy, dedicated.
Until then sorry, we’re closed.