One for the Moon

Tonight the moon crosses high over our heads,
its graceful face, so solemn, so alone.
It always gives light and direction,
we owe it our thanks for coming back to us each night.

Oh, over this horizon the moon remembers the day that comes,
everyday and everynight, a solemn dance around the bits and the bites.
So let us rest our heads and think of blessings and
moments of ecstacy that bring us eternal happiness.

And we will live forever in the harmony we wish upon the moon.

permanence ~ impermanence

I can see the difference
Between permanence
And impermanence.

The Earth in the sky,
The trees and the wind,
And the space between stars.

The Love in our heart,
Our compassion,
Our happiness.

I am only a physical part
Of the earth we live
Of the universe we share.

I am always a spiritual vehicle
Of all that is good
Of all that brings joy.


I used to be a flavor, you know. Yes, when I was younger, I was a secret and a treasure. I emanated like a budding fruit with rich aroma and taste. Life was good, you know, being a strawberry.

From birth to maturity, I saw the end of the tunnel, and anticipated the expressions of others as my flavor inhibited their senses. A thousand lives existed in the sensation of my flavor, and a thousand times I was happy for having ever been born.


A Q&A on Life

Why does history repeat itself?

Why does the world keep spinning?

Why does a sound move like a wave,

never made and died, but always

moving forward and outward?

Why does its echo live forever?

Why do some questions make sense when asked together?

Because that is the reason life exists.

Because things, all things, can not live without the abilitiy to sustain,

longer than the initial conception of the very thing that lives.

Because the longest throughts are seen through,

from start to finish.

Because life is a self-explainable manifestation,

a creation that learns and evolves over the course of time.

Because things that are timeless always carry with them this feeling that never gets old,

and never changes with time.

Life is a strange thing, everyone, and we should live it our own way.

Discover the adventure you have always been dreaming of.

The dream of eternal happiness.