On Self-Awareness

The essence of the sun shows us, in the emptiness of space, objects of reflection. It shows us that we exist – one thing looking at the other, the other looking back – an infinite respect and understanding that there is something else out there. Do you see the constant back and forth? This is this because this is this. A rose is a rose is a rose, a trinity Gertrude Stein saw all too well.

But if we were to step away from it with a third-person perspective on all things, we would understand the true experience of life, living on a marble of water and fire and earth and wind, the four elements of life that provide self-awareness on an unmeasurable scale. We are blessed with cognitive thought, and cursed with it’s emotional reactions. Love and hate, the strongest feelings we have, are synonymous. It all depends on your connection to the thing, your attraction, your attention. Why do you hate, why do you love? Reasons for this are hard to explain without emotion, without self-awareness.


Let’s talk about a feeling, a feeling we can all share.
It’s called love, and while you might laugh,
or twist your face in a way that says otherwise,
when you search your feelings,
you know it’s true in all of us.

Just the word and the way it’s used… love…
it brings warmth to all hearts.
It has no gender and knows no foe.
There is no aversion, only intensity.

One who hates, some say, would know the farthest pole.
But hate, in all ways, loves that which we don’t.
Think not of the things that remind us least of love.

Fill yourself with things that you love,
and the entire world that knows will love you.


The Cog in the Wheel

I am a cog in the great wheel of creation –
expressing amazing emotions of living cognition,
and strange vibrations that make my reality so realistic.

I am the script that reads itself and moves on its own,
always learning from the cognitions, emotions,
and strange vibrations of time.

There are others like me,
but few in number,
as our purpose is vital and specific.

Our placement in the wheel is symmetrical and destined,
equidistance from one another,
ensuring the wheel keeps moving.

We help move the wheel for all others,
and without the wheel
the world would fall.

Without the thoughts that appear aimless,
emotions seem radical and extreme,
and vibrations would turn rough and nightmarish.

Oh! Stop this distortion; something is not as it should,
a cog has come loose in the great wheel that creates
and drains from its side a wild energy…

…of life,
and hate.