Group Mentality

A group mentality is necessary in a cognitive society. With friends in arms, we are stronger. Through this networking spawns an infinite number of new ideas, sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that could not be achieved by a single mind. It is necessary to grow in life, to flex our muscles, and open our arms further in the world. The need to embrace the world is only natural, because we are all kindred in some way, made of the same things, same chemicals, same gifts and curses. We are blood by right, and live among countless beings that have learned the way of the world over millions of years. Our groups have helped us evolve, and have helped us sustain ourselves on this planet.

Close Yourself and See

When you close yourself off from the world, you close your understanding of things that it presents to you. For example, your hearing. When you’re wearing headphones and you can’t hear anything outside, the world is empty of sound. There is no real understanding of it, and whatever is said can be manipulated and distorted beyond normal recognition. There is no explanation for the silence, nothing except what we make of it. The same goes for our other senses, each with their own way of understanding the world around us. Each, working together, brings a truly remarkable understanding of one’s self.