Our imagination is the zest of fruit,
the pulpous innards that taste
oh so sweet, and so sour.

In time we swell and retain many years,
we squeeze out the life of our many, many dreams.

In time we learn how to harvest
our imagination for good, and bad.

In time our imagination ripens, and
the generation’s crop comes to pass.

What a unique offering on this earth we plough,
the dirt and stone and layers of metal.

Our imagination is taking us through a phase
of reality, much like a painter painting
a picture of himself painting a picture.

Natural Balance

We are what is in between the space between all other things,
Light and substance shining in the nothingness of the everyday.
We among the stars and dust and suction holes to nowhere fast,
Between what naturally is and what naturally isn’t.

We are the balance, the focus and flow of the universe.

On the empty canvas of our minds we can change nature,
Science and imagination changing every thing we cannot see.
On the forefront of discovery, years pass like seconds
In the sup-atomic dance hall of galaxies exclusive.