One for the Moon

Tonight the moon crosses high over our heads,
its graceful face, so solemn, so alone.
It always gives light and direction,
we owe it our thanks for coming back to us each night.

Oh, over this horizon the moon remembers the day that comes,
everyday and everynight, a solemn dance around the bits and the bites.
So let us rest our heads and think of blessings and
moments of ecstacy that bring us eternal happiness.

And we will live forever in the harmony we wish upon the moon.


Safe-guarded like a mother’s love,
a concept of peace manifests the dove,
flying free, unscathed by jaded thieves,
un-vexed by life’s little pet peeves.

Freedom to love, learn, live with each other,
a growing body of thoughts we take no bother,
obsessive, compulsive, saturating the wet rags
of liberty and truth, now each in separate bags.

It wasn’t always divided like states,
there were no borders or defining traits.
Things like peace were a simple oath
made to wars with nothing left to loath.

Now it takes miles of red tape
to stick a notion like preventing rape;
permits and privileges to hunt and fight,
reasons absolved like our human rights.

It takes wings and hearts of gold and jade
to fly as that dove whom the heavens made.


Let’s talk about a feeling, a feeling we can all share.
It’s called love, and while you might laugh,
or twist your face in a way that says otherwise,
when you search your feelings,
you know it’s true in all of us.

Just the word and the way it’s used… love…
it brings warmth to all hearts.
It has no gender and knows no foe.
There is no aversion, only intensity.

One who hates, some say, would know the farthest pole.
But hate, in all ways, loves that which we don’t.
Think not of the things that remind us least of love.

Fill yourself with things that you love,
and the entire world that knows will love you.


The Cog in the Wheel

I am a cog in the great wheel of creation –
expressing amazing emotions of living cognition,
and strange vibrations that make my reality so realistic.

I am the script that reads itself and moves on its own,
always learning from the cognitions, emotions,
and strange vibrations of time.

There are others like me,
but few in number,
as our purpose is vital and specific.

Our placement in the wheel is symmetrical and destined,
equidistance from one another,
ensuring the wheel keeps moving.

We help move the wheel for all others,
and without the wheel
the world would fall.

Without the thoughts that appear aimless,
emotions seem radical and extreme,
and vibrations would turn rough and nightmarish.

Oh! Stop this distortion; something is not as it should,
a cog has come loose in the great wheel that creates
and drains from its side a wild energy…

…of life,
and hate.