11.5’s recount of 11.4

Last night was a strange night for me, filled with deviant detours and unusual circumstances that I am unable to get it out of my mind. I personally am afraid that some instances from last night may have scared away some friendships and social acquaintances, along with my self-respect and understanding of people in general.

My plan was to pick up some packaged goods and spend a relaxing evening by the fire (otherwise known as my computer or television). Instead, plans got twisted. My friend, David, came into town for the night. I thought he was coming into town just to fly out to San Francisco. He neglected to mention that his flight was the following day. That being said, the girls (Jey, Lay, and Tray) made a point to contact me and tell me the good news, and that they were getting dinner in Davis Square at The Boston Burger Company with him. I was requested to attend by the highest authority. Instead of pushing for my ‘pick up and drop down’ plans for the evening, I decided to dress comfortably fashionable and make my way out to Davis.

Wearing my comfy black sweater and Martin+Osa jeans and the Zara Man jacket for cover, I made my way by foot in just over twenty minutes. David and the girls have not seen me in months (almost a year in David’s case). At any rate, we fell into conversation like it had only been days since we spoke. David and I actually talked sports briefly (and we both know neither of us really enjoyed sports), even if it was only about how UMass teams were a joke.

David’s ways have not changed, yet he is certainly finding himself during this period of transition in his life. As I write this he is in the sky, off to California, to see a woman he loves. Have a nice trip, David!

After the burgers, we split ways with Lay and Tray, and I walked with David and Jey to her house. She has a nice house, nice roommates, a nice setup. Because my earlier plans fell through, and because I was in Davis, I decided to ring up my old coworker who lives right down the street. Turns out he doesn’t live right down the street from Jey at all, and a laborious trek through the backwoods of Somerville rendered some eclectic conversations between David and I.

We stopped by a package store and picked up a bottle of vodka, taking swigs back and forth, and opened up about existential futility as we tried to hail a cab on an empty overpass. Our costly cab ride took us back to this place, and we hung out for a special meet and greet during the World Series broadcast (an upset for anyone who hates the Yankees). We made a quick exodus back to my place before too much time was lost. My roommate was waiting for David, probably upset that he missed out on the dinner event.

My old coworker is a solid guy who looks up to me with respect. I have been to his place before, and it always had something to do with the recreations we enjoy. Last night, I felt like I used his respect to my advantage, and I feel somewhat guilty about it. That, in addition to dragging David along for such an impromptu visit, made the situation all the more taxing. I had to actively keep David in our conversations about work and life by breaking down inside jokes and events, an experience that David later confessed to me was rather autobiographical. I wonder if my old coworker thought the same way…

David and I bonded a great deal last night for the better. Him and I never speak on the phone anymore; he is always busy with school and work, and I am always busy with work and life. We are lazy and inconsiderate. Ten minutes of time is not hard to put aside for good conversation. I consistently guilt myself for not calling him more often, but now that guilt is gone because of all the fun we had together last night. We talked about so much, random as it may have been from time to time, and still we worked on a fast-paced connection of minds; an understanding felt by long-lasting friends. Our eyes were red, tired, loaded, and eccentric.

And we still had shit going on next day. David had a 9:00am flight to San Francisco, and I had to go to work the next day.