Graduation, 2000

Graduation 2000, a great year indeed; I was
Given at a celebration with many
Awards for excellence (such priceless youth)
In a flash during dinner we all know at school.
Three-hundred more than he clapped away aptly
As he walked to the center to take me away.

The moment it happened was like out of some dream;
A heart-warming conclusion when they
All wore their blazers with collars and ties.
Thousands of fabrics sewn together
Tell the story of youth in a school in the woods.

Graduation 2000, a long time it’s been;
Ten Years later lying under papers in,
And not stitched with pride on the back of a jacket.
Priceless experiences (always known)
Are a gift and reminder of growing up
At a time in his life when the world made no sense at all.