Thoughts From A Run

– projecting interest in the tone of my voice
– Buddhism and motivation
– the sound of trees rustling
– the smell of water and pine
– the life story of my father
– the ignorant future in front of me
– the need to prove myself
– the pessimistic outlook that all good things come to an end


The emptiness of boredom strikes hardest when your incessant attempts to find a purpose bear no fruit. A feeling of hopelessness manifests and begins to unroll a downward spiral of depression. We must find purpose out there. With all this seemingly free time, there is a talent we all have that can be marketed. What to do? How can we do it? Why? What’s the point of trying? The point is – we are better than the next, better qualified to see the world as it is, better prepared to fit into any open space, seamlessly willing to do what others will not.