HOORAY FOR EARTH @ T.T. The Bear’s Place

HOORAY FOR EARTH – August 17th, 2010
T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge, Massachusetts
9:45pm, Pabst Blue Ribbon

Lights passed above as I entered the dimly lit spot in my friend’s hand; welcoming the others and grabbing a beer at the slightly vacant bar. Not too many people were around yet. People were loitering around the more popular scene next door. The joke was on them – the real show was back here.

I get there late but the show hadn’t started yet. My friend was entertaining a seedy group of enthusiasts inside before he came out to welcome me. He gave me my ticket; I was upset to see a different band headlining – ADMIRAL RADLEY – but I didn’t care. They were not what I came to see. I came to see HOORAY FOR EARTH, and they were on shortly.

Photo by Jon NickersonAt a place like T.T. THE BEAR’S, bands can embrace the small performance arena, throw everything they got at the audience at volume ten, break the knobs, and still sound great. That doesn’t work for all bands out there; unfortunately… you have to have talent. The ground shook when HOORAY FOR EARTH came on stage. Almost out of competition, THE MIDDLE EAST – DOWNSTAIRS had a show on too, and their fire down below was completely smothered by the footfalls of rockers young and old. It was the best live act I’d seen in a long time.

HOORAY FOR EARTH is Noel Heroux, Chris Principe, Gary Benacquista, and Joseph Ciampini, formed in 2005. They’re mostly based out of New York, but they have roots in Boston that keep them coming back to destroy local venues. Joe on the drum keeps the energy going while Noel and Chris tear up the guitar and bass. Gary’s on the other side, playing synthesizers with the occasional guitar act. Noel, the man behind stories of sleep-deprived inspiration, broke off on occasion in frantic mini-fits of thrash and metal. It was awesome. Chris and his bass kept the melody in motion with on-point precision, and my head began to rock uncontrollably with the beat.

These guys know each other, like good friends, and it’s helping them control and mold the musical fury they create. Their sound is clean and their energy is hot. I bought their MOMO EP a few weeks back on my friend’s recommendation (including the vinyl, a very cool press). Fortunately for me, they played that album live at T.T. THE BEAR’S, so it was all my familiar favorites, and if anything they bettered their studio work. Young, indie, club rockers across the world would eat this stuff up.

Hands rise in the air when “SO HAPPY” begins with its anthem guitar distortion, and people dance when they bring on “SURROUNDED BY YOUR FRIENDS,” a personal hit laced with uplifting undertones of life and death. Their lyrics seep into the teenage wasteland within, and they stand behind a thrash-electro-pop sound that makes contemporary rock wonder where its mojo went. Just try “HOW ARE YOU HERE” and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. As for a top track suggestion, I would go with “VIDEOSTORE” for its climactic finale, a total blowout of melody and percussion that hits an apex unachieved by other pieces. The audience rocked around me, bobbing like waves of skin and sweat, praising ecstatic when they finished their last song. I was hitting my apex too… and then the lights came on for the next act and final act.

I would check them out whenever you get the chance. They are definitely worth a listen. Try the three sites below for songs and more information on upcoming shows.