Candlewax From My Thoughts On Clouds


On Clouds


What happens when you conduct electricity in water vapor? I see it happening in the clouds above, clouds so thin and so transparent. The bolts of light are among themselves, not disturbing the earth or the sky. What happens when you add friction to that static, moving the vapor and creating wind? Does the vapor create the wind, or does the wind create the vapor? All these forces and variables come together as the clouds do. They darken the skies and move wind with their gust, their charge, and their weight of change.



I see now why she liked the
clouds so much. Well,
not really the clouds so much as
the sky. The big, blue sky.
The clouds we see only
sweeten the deal,
for a grand portrait of
the world living free.
p.s. I wonder how Kate is doing?


The darkness in life comes only from the reflections of shadows we can’t identify,
like clouds of a late sunset, jaded by their friends who are basking in the daytime sun.
Their time in the dark will come and go too, laying rest to the excitement of thoughts,
only until the sun rises again, and casts a bright smile over our world of love.


The clouds cast odd shapes,
and animals local here gather around me.
The birds are chirping,
happy in the warm breeze.
The sun is casting a golden glow.
Geese in the distance are
excited by the coming storm,
while clouds from the South
make their way forward.
The sun remains bright,
and the birds keep flying.
And all I can say,
Is “God is Great.”