Rise Moses

Seventy-five flights of stairs
Help keep me live, keep me out of the chair
Thoughts while being found in space
Are being wrought from an adamant place
Can you disavow
And how will you show
A disheartened landscape where nothing will grow
Is this what you think
On the brink of insanity surging

Is there hope in this dark place
While drastic din contort, with fear, my face
Confounds my ears and ‘gainst my brain
Resounds a dull yet persistent pain
Can twenty-six see
What three fail to grasp
Like staff turned to death in the form of an asp
Can you see to talk
And then walk in a manner befitting

Joined in a dream but we knew
That the scene was one our mind’s eye drew
There we were set, odd it seems
Aware but in a very vivid dream
Can people awake
And take their ilk
To the fabled land of honey and milk
Will you make it there
Or just stare from the talk of the mountain

Oct. ’07