Running and – Smells

The world smells like so many things. I tend to notice it more when I’m running, and most of the time, it’s pretty nice. The floral trees and gardens in my neighborhood, the baked bread at Subway restaurants, the sugary sweetness of candy stores. The ubiquitous smell of heat emanating off of cement, gravel, metal and plastic. The charcoal smoke of backyard barbecues. The perfume on some people! Some lay it on pretty thick, but others just have a personal smell of their own. I haven’t met many people who inherently smell the same. Especially while running, I never stick around long enough to notice.

Some things smell, and it’s important to pick up on them while running. Sometimes, I hold my breath when running by garbage, and breathe deeper around fragrant plants. I have a profound connection with my area through smell. I’m using my senses, and connecting nerves and thoughts while focusing the rest of my body on running. I concentrate on things in my peripheral, and zone out to memories that smells remind me of. I look forward to every run, and the world of smells I’m likely to discover on it.

Running and Community

I don’t really belong to any sort of “runners” community, but I do see regulars on their circuits. I call them by their distinguishable traits. Some are runners, some are just everyday people, like the “dog walker with long brown hair” or the “adorable Hispanic couple” or the “smoking barber” or the “mother with three kids.” The runners are more distinguishable by particular traits, like “Nike Shoes” or “Crew Cut” or Short Shorts” or “No Shirt.” Simple identifications exist for these regulars, and yet I don’t even know their names.

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