Sitcom at the Office – Money

This is dedicated to Lapre, possibly one of the most frugal spenders I know.

Lapre – So, I just got an email from HR here.

Zucker – Yeah…?

Lapre – Yeah.

Zucker – And?

Lapre – It looks like I’ll be here… continually.

Zucker – What you mean? You didn’t get the job?

Lapre – No, I didn’t get the job.

Zucker – Aww, man I’m sorry.

Lapre – Yeah, yeah. Twelve dollars on dry cleaning… a waste.

Zucker – Hahaha, I’m sorry man, but that’s funny.

Lapre – Yeah, I’ll drink twelve dollars of scotch tonight to celebrate.

Elliot – Isn’t that over your tolerance?

Zucker – What, you mean alcohol tolerance?

Lapre – No, like money tolerance.


SitCom at the Office

My office is a playground for situational comedy.

Chuck: You inspire me, Joe.

Alex: Chuck, what are you talking about?

Chuck: Come on, look at him!

We all look at Joe, sitting in the corner of the office eating lunch by the window.

Alex: It looks like he’s eating mustard off a paper plate with a plastic knife.

Joe laughs.

Joe: That’s exactly what I’m doing!

Chuck: And to top it off, he’s wearing black leather shoes with white socks on, not to mention that oversized dress shirt. Look at those sunglasses!

Black oakleys from the mid-to-late 90’s, gold reflective tint.

Joe: I’m reading “The Economist” too, learning how to start up an energy business.

Alex: Joe, you’re unreal. You’d need a billion dollars just to see that world move an inch.

Joe: Alright! Check this out…

Joe moves to his coat, and takes his wallet out.

Joe: You see this ten-dollar bill here? Multiply that by 100 million.

Joe neatly stuffs the bill back into his wallet.

Joe: What do you think about that?

Alex: I’m going to rob you after work today.

Everyone laughs.

Back to work…