The shit has just begun, my skin is crawling right now.
I think that the ages here range from 16 supposedly to 60-70’s.
67 something people
All different bodyguards
I am now working this god damn kitchen crew (green)
We have to find the order of the society
I’m itchy as shit, my eyes hurt
Zucker, I think that I wanna cruise the oceans like a Somalian pirate
Anger is so much a component

Split-Second Ramblings

Even the man with the magic pen couldn’t begin to ameliorate the inconsistent chatter in my head. The man and the yellow pad with the fish began tinkering around within the inner sanctum of my mind, but alas he too failed. I want to know so much yet cannot get one thing down as hard as I may try. I know so much yet only bits and pieces of the ground picture. A black hole is as singularity in space, Ellen Ripley was the heroine of that [twisted] and central Alien franchise, Chubbs couldn’t play golf on the PGTA Tour because a damn alligator bit [his] hand off, and Ameer, Amir, Amer, Ahmere, is the prince-type figure who has rule of an Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, I have…