Life Is Like A Tree Leaf

Leaves, by Alex Zucker


Life is like a tree leaf,
as far as a life goes;
an extension of you
is the thought of the base,
where things take root and grow,
as heritage trees grow.
They too will dry and wilt,
and give back to the earth
what they took in their life.
It all starts as a sprout,
growing from the base stem;
an appendage of God,
one among several,
each looking fresh and green.
They live and sing at day,
dancing at the wild sun
waving with the others
in a sea of dark green.
Through good and bad we live
and learn to recognize
that which bonds and splits us.
In time we dry and age,
at which time we see life
in new shades of color,
new faces in the sky,
new reasons to cherish.
The colors disappear
as the others soon fall,
and the last of their kind
can look back and say thanks,
thanks for the greatest life.
Back to the beginning,
to the root of our past,
in the dirt of all life.
There is no wasted life,
every thing recycles
in new shapes and new forms.
Like a leaf we come back,
perhaps not in the spot
we first knew and first thought;
the tree will live again
with a new set of leaves
to give back to the world
what they took in their life.
Life is like a tree leaf,
a cycle of rebirth,
as far as a life goes.

11-23-2009 – 10:45pm