Nature’s agreement with the Earth is a reflection of the Earth’s agreement with the Sun, along with every other planet and every other sun in the galaxy. Galaxies hold unfathomably grandiose agreements with one another that have, can, and will break, from time to time. This breaking of agreements is constant, and when it happens, limitless new agreements come to pass. Time will pass, and your agreement with Nature will act in this chain.

We agree with Nature, disagree, and continue to live and die by its rules. We make agreements with one another and break them. We hurt nature when we break our agreements. Rain and thunder and wind and heat fill the cracks where agreements once existed. We as a race must learn to honor our agreements with one another, and with nature. Everything in agreement will move with confidence behind our conviction.

"Mystery of the Universe" by RASSOULI

Natural Balance

We are what is in between the space between all other things,
Light and substance shining in the nothingness of the everyday.
We among the stars and dust and suction holes to nowhere fast,
Between what naturally is and what naturally isn’t.

We are the balance, the focus and flow of the universe.

On the empty canvas of our minds we can change nature,
Science and imagination changing every thing we cannot see.
On the forefront of discovery, years pass like seconds
In the sup-atomic dance hall of galaxies exclusive.