Where’s Waldo? – 1

Where’s Waldo?

The red and white stripes…what do they signify?

Some people say he looks like Hugh Grant, horn rimmed glasses and striped apparel. A solemn yet wise gaze. Who is this man?

He walks through crowds of men. Some of these men have extremely feeble torsos and jacked legs. The other half of the men have toothpick legs and phenomenally jacked torsos. This is the world he lives in. The world he explores.

Someone is looking for him. He knows it. He is somewhat aware that a book has been published using his likeness. Someone is always looking for him.

He is also looking for someone. Someone important. Someone who he has always believed in.

Waldo is his name. He does not know his last name, since he has never had one. He was born with a single name: the name Waldo.

There was a strange recurring pattern throughout Waldo’s journeys. From time to time, he observed many red and white striped objects that bore a remarkable resemblance to himself. He had a time discerning the precise meaning or nature of this anomaly. His journey never seemed to cease.

He was on the beach at Puna Mana and he looked in the water and saw a fish that looked like him, all striped, white and red

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