Beautifully Drawn

A program left running on without a single visitor,
a peculiar moment in history.

Should hours and hours pass blindly in the background,
somewhere a curious onlooker will wonder why,
why would you care so much about a thing,
empty and idle despite beautifully drawn?

How many lives do we wake when we rest on the end of a rich full day?

All it would be was a spike in statistics,
a tribute to a trend shared by trillions throughout time.

It’s beautifully drawn, the only mind that would look
beyond that and say love, love
what you want in the wake of other things.

And then BOOM!
You tap a key or move a mouse,
in a flash for something inadmissible and off away the mind will go.
Into the world, into the cyber fountain of all things eternal.

Writing on the Windowsill

My back to the sunshine, through cotton and plastic and glass and atmosphere, beating down, reminding me of summer and fall. My feet hang off the stool I’m sitting on. I could be five years old if I wanted, the feeling is just the same. I shift, and listen to the local weather on the radio, and the wind is passing by my hanging feet. If it weren’t for my arching back, I would sit here, whenever I am, and listen and feel the world outside, mere inches away.

10 Year Reunion

It was a gathering of minds I had not felt in ages.

Years, ages, times were long forgotten in the ignorance of youth.

Today we stood, sat, and spoke like men, proud reflections of our inner selves.

And what did we talk about in the wake of their shadows?

The same old things we kept so close between ourselves.

Two became musicians, one a bachelor savant, another a lawyer;

I looked at the records and we spoke about our lessons learned so far.

The electronic artist played his beats through the area speakers,

entertaining us all with his natural and original material.

The original beat boxers began flowing anew, ten years long, ten years strong.

How A Capricorn Felt Last Weekend

Last weekend, I was feeling especially down. I still do (sort of) – it’s only Monday. I feel like I got something done today (ran a 5K around Somerville, cooked lunch for the next couple days), despite this awkward feeling of procrastination inside. Today, of all days, I decided to check my horoscope.

Things should be flowing quite well for you today, Capricorn. Take this opportunity and use the energy to its full potential. Center yourself and look at the weeks ahead. Where do you want to be in two months? Where do you want to be in two years? Now is the time to take stock of what you’ve got and plan for future growth. You have a great deal going for you, so don’t waste your time on frivolity. – July 26th, 2010

And I did. I spent the next thirty some-odd minutes thinking about it all. I cut through all the crap in my head and came up with some clear visions of myself in the now and in the near future. I pictured my current living situation, grim and dire in the eyes of Laura and Zach, impatient and anxious with Noah. I balanced my checkbook, and made plans to invest money wisely. I had so much to work with from square one, being tomorrow.

And then I looked at Sunday’s horoscope, and lost control of it all.

It’s OK to change your opinion, Capricorn. You may pride yourself on being the solid one who always has an answer or knows exactly where to go. You may look upon others as flaky, indecisive, or fickle. It’s important that you not shut down your thinking after making a decision about something. Keep your mind open to changes that occur around you and maybe you’ll have a change of heart. – July 25th, 2010

I was invited to a Big 25 party at Lansdowne Pub in Fenway Friday, and I didn’t go. I was so knocked out from the night before (Thursday was when it all began), and in the end all I wanted was to go to sleep. When I make points to do something and not follow through with them, I feel guilt and regret.

I shouldn’t feel bad. I should stand tall as I look forward. We must all change our footing (from time to time) when climbing the great mountain of life. Friends will always be there to cheer you on.

The Short and Terrible Story of The Burning Bunny

Somewhere in Georgia was this house, and a guy named Gene lived there with his sister and niece next door to a cocaine dealer named Fred. Fred made ends meet by cooking up base on the stove. One day, in the lapsed existence Fred has outside his home, a fire breaks out, and his house burns down. Gene’s house burns down too, and amidst all the confusion he runs out with his most precious belongings: his sister, his niece, and himself. He left everything else behind. Gene left the bunny behind. The poor bunny, trapped in its cage, witnessed the horrible spectacle of hell raining down upon him. His short and terrible life was lived almost entirely in captivity, until he was ultimately freed by death’s burning fury.