Vinyl Record Cleaning

Do you live in (and around) Boston, Massachusetts?

Do you own vinyl records? If yes, some of them may need cleaning over time in order to provide an enjoyable listening experience. For older records, this is especially true.

I offer vinyl record cleaning and restoration services to residents of Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts (with special exceptions to Boston). Our mission is to improve the audio quality and overall value of your vinyl record collection.

33/45/70 RPMs accepted.

What I offer

  • Vinyl record cleaning ($2 per record; $40 for 25)
  • Sleeve restoration (optional, $3 per sleeve)
  • Outer sleeves (optional, polyethylene, $0.50 per sleeve)

Why clean your records?

  • Better audio quality
  • Increased market value
  • Protection against damaging your needle

If you’re interested in improving the quality and value of your record collection, get in touch.