Running and Routine

If you run, you know about routines. You know it can be important to keep a routine if you want to run harder, faster, longer. Pushing yourself is hard to accomplish without a routine. All fitness has results with a routine. Go exercise more than three times a week, and I call that a routine. Even once a week is the beginnings of a routine, but to effectively pursue excellence, you need to make it a part of your daily life.

The same applies for all good and bad things in life. Routine builds tolerance, endurance, and discipline. Routine keeps life moving forward at a consistent pace. It’s what motivates us to pursue that excellence in all of us. It’s what brings each foot in front of the other, each inhale and exhale, each day and night. Routine is the force that drives me – it doesn’t control me – I control it with my own desires to achieve.

Running and Respect

Respect is deserved on the street. There are so many people out there, and half of them are oblivious… with good reasons. They got their headphones on, their sunglasses on and their voice boxes all a twitter. That’s a cynical observation; most of us are all walking in one direction, and can’t see what’s behind us. It’s good to be aware of your surroundings, or if not, to stick to a region of the sidewalk in anticipation of people passing you by. People pass on the left… mostly.

As for runners, we need to respect what’s around us. We’re usually more aware of our surroundings than the rest – we go fast, but not fast enough to miss a beat. The cars and the bicycles have reign over the road, and when you’re the pedestrian, you have to respect the rules of their road. The only problem (and peeve) is slowing down at someone else’s expense. Drivers pull up past the stop signs and crosswalks, bicycles ride on the sidewalk, and you’re average pedestrian wanders and sidles all over.

Everyone, we need to share respect for one another. We must respect families with their children, their infant babies just learning how to walk, and their dogs that don’t know any better. We must respect the people holding too much, taking on too much to stay apprised of quick changes. Respect the runners that run after something, because they don’t take kindly to stopping or slowing down. Make way, if you can, and don’t dally. Share in the mutual exchange of respect, and no harm will come to you.

Running and – Smells

The world smells like so many things. I tend to notice it more when I’m running, and most of the time, it’s pretty nice. The floral trees and gardens in my neighborhood, the baked bread at Subway restaurants, the sugary sweetness of candy stores. The ubiquitous smell of heat emanating off of cement, gravel, metal and plastic. The charcoal smoke of backyard barbecues. The perfume on some people! Some lay it on pretty thick, but others just have a personal smell of their own. I haven’t met many people who inherently smell the same. Especially while running, I never stick around long enough to notice.

Some things smell, and it’s important to pick up on them while running. Sometimes, I hold my breath when running by garbage, and breathe deeper around fragrant plants. I have a profound connection with my area through smell. I’m using my senses, and connecting nerves and thoughts while focusing the rest of my body on running. I concentrate on things in my peripheral, and zone out to memories that smells remind me of. I look forward to every run, and the world of smells I’m likely to discover on it.

Random Tip #2

Take a Fish Oil supplement daily.

Fish oil is a natural supplement that has many health benefits if taken regularly. During dry and cold weather, it helps our bodies retain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are all good for the heart, body, and mind. It reverses the effects of aging, overexposure of UV (sun) rays,  and otherwise dry or flaky skin. Best taken in the morning with breakfast, or after dinner, before bed.

Random tip #1

Breathe through your nose more.

In colder weather, you conserve more heat when you breathe through your nose. Your nose acts like a filter when breathing, and helps us recognize things around us for good and for worse. Take advantage; breathing through your nose is also therapeutic, and can release internal pressures caused by stress and anxiety.